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28.October 2023



Length:  half day, 9:00 – 13:00 o‘clock
Accreditation: Tierärztekammer
Instructor: Mag. Florian Lein, Dr. Matus Pagac
Course location:  THV-International Training Center for Human and Veterinary Medicine, Bergmillergasse 5, 1140 Wien, Austria

Successful completion of ÖGUM Emergency Sonography Course INTENSE FAST VET



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(A-FAST and T-FAST), Slovakia

Do you feel comfortable doing preventive medicine?
Preventive health screenings are becoming more and more important in veterinary medicine. Check-ups happening on a regular basis can prevent a lot of suffering and save money in the long run. Most diseases can be treated better the earlier they are detected. It’s not for nothing that we ourselves go to the dentist for check-ups, have blood work or other annual check-ups done. It doesn’t have to be any different for your veterinary patients.

The name of this Sono Skills course says it all – we will teach you Hands-on skills that are practically applicable in your daily routine in the veterinary practice. Following each theory unit, we meet up for a Hands-on session. This allows you to immediately put into practice what you just learned and combine theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that is made to last.

„Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember, let me do it and I will understand.“ – Confuzius

Our goal for you ist to be able do it, not only to know about it.


  • Keynote speech on „Preventive ultrasound screening“
  • 2 x 45 min Hands-On sessions in small groups to practice ultrasound on veterinary patients
  • Focus on organs most frequently affected by pathologies:
    Spleen, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, urinary bladder
  • Joint review and discussion of case studies
  • Q&A Session
  • How to correctly charge for preventive ultrasound screenings – Added value for everyone
  • Networking with experts and colleagues
  • Catering

During our Hands-on sessions small groups of 4 people will rotate from station to station and practice on animals. Each station is looked after by a different ÖGUM tutor or the instructor himself. This way we can guarantee training with intensive supervision and maximum hands-on time. Ask as many questions as you want and let the experts show you tips and tricks that you can implement directly on your patients.

Modern ultrasonic devices from various manufacturers and different performance categories are used in the course. In addition to your training in preventive ultrasound screenings, we also present you with the opportunity to test all these ultrasonic devices and find out which suits you and your medical practice best.

And what’s more, this course is unique due to its additional economic content. „How to correctly charge for preventive ultrasound screenings – Added value for everyone“. We will look at practical examples together and you will learn how to integrate preventive ultrasound screenings in your everyday practice and thus create added value for everyone.

Health screenings on a regular basis are a big part of preventive medicine. The early detection of pathologies in patients enables early intervention through specifically targeted treatments. Oftentimes this will save costs in the long run, prevent unnecessary suffering and quite frequently save lives

Ultrasound screenings on a regular basis make it possible for you to better look after your patients and put more focus on preventive medicine.
Healthy animals.Happy clients.Successful veterinarian practice.

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